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About chef Nicholas

I see myself as an artist, gamer, and home cook. I spend most of my free time fixing and painting my Gundam toys, playing video and board games, and of course, whipping some good food up in the kitchen for my family and friends.

Cooking is by far my greatest passion, as it feeds my need for creativity when I get to experiment with concocting new dishes. Words can never describe the feeling of satisfaction when I get to see my imaginations become reality on a plate. The sense of achievement is even greater when people taste my food and their faces beam with delight – it makes my heart full of joy and love!

Thus, in April 2018, I bit the bullet and took a giant leap of faith. I left the corporate world to pursue my passion.

In mid-2018, I went to try out at the very first season of MasterChef Singapore, and I am proud to make it to the Top 10! It was super surreal, and I got my hands on the coveted MasterChef white apron with my name on it! #AchievementUnlocked

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